Since it was founded in 1972, Textis has established itself as a key reference point in the manufacturing of household linen with the greatest possible attention to natural materials and resources.

Textis puts its clients at the heart of its concerns by designing unique and customised collections, which testify to its expertise and creativity. Its products come in numerous colours and dimensions and conform to the highest possible standards.

Textis surrounds itself with the best professionals in order to design a range of high-quality household linen. Through its mastery of the art of weaving and the art of colour, the brand maintains excellence in textile production know-how on a daily basis.


Choice of raw materials

In order to manufacture household linen that is friendly to the skin and provides a feeling of well-being, Textis chooses its raw materials with utmost meticulousness.

We work only with high quality natural fibres from controlled sources. Soft, supple and resistant, these natural fibres provide immense user comfort and optimal absorption.

Process control

Textis has a complete mastery of the entire manufacturing process. From weaving to finishing as well as the intermediate steps of dyeing, processing and sewing, all the manufacturing steps are carried out on our site, and each of the steps is subject to continuous quality control.

Textis manufactures its high quality products by bringing to bear its profound knowledge of weaving techniques, its unique expertise in the mixing of colours and its fleet of machines that use cutting-edge technology.


The design of our collections

Textis collections reflect the creativity and know-how of our stylists. They meet the needs and preferences of everyone with respect to lightness, fluffiness and softness.

Creation of colours

A wide range of colours is available, with the use of natural, shining and vitamin-treated dyes which are proudly displayed in our premises. Even after numerous washings, household linen retains its bright colours.


Textis is committed to the production of a range of modern and attractive bath linen. Our mission is to produce napkins, bathrobes and bath sheets which are stylish and reflect new ways of experiencing a bath.

We also offer customised solutions to companies, brands, distributors and communication agencies who desire to customise our products. For our customers, we bring together shades, colours, shapes and materials to design trending and modern collections.



Textis offers a complete range of bed linen: duvet covers, bedsheets, pillowcases and bolstercases as well as duvets, pillows, mattress overlays and protectors. Smooth, soft and resistant, our bed linen provides you with optimal comfort, night after night.